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Air conditioning remote control solution

We live it in the United Kingdom so there is a moderate climate and the heat isn’t a very big problem however as you may know from our previous post we have decided to install air conditioning in our house.

We usually travel a lot in the summer and most of those trips are unplanned so we never know when we leave or come back to our house. 

This is why we are looking for a solution that allows us to remotely control our air conditioning as in smartphone applications or something similar. 

The software provided by the air-conditioning producer provides smartphone app however this app only works in Wi-Fi environments and requires external service registration in China. We have some privacy concerns with that GREE service so we try to avoid using this producer’s application. 

Gree is Chinese manufacturer and according to last concerns raised in media with another Chinese producer – Huawei it is obvious to take some precautions.

We also want to know what the temperature is inside the house at the moment because this is crucial to make a decision if we want to enable or disable the air conditioning.

We mostly want to see the current value of the interior temperature.

On that value we will decide about the parameters of the AC.

The main reason why we look for such a solution is that we want to save some money and you know be more environment-friendly.

There is also another reason why such a solution could be great.

Just imagine that you are leaving your house in a hurry and you don’t know if you have enabled or disabled the air conditioning.

It would be very convenient to have such possibility of checking like in a smart house installation. It is great to know what the status of the air conditioning is at any time.

If we have such a feature on a smartphone, tablet or smartwatch we would be sure that the system status is good and converged with our intentions.

If we already left the house and we are at a remote location we would be able to turn off the air-conditioner unit remotely.

This means no more worries if you forget to disable the AC.  

Smartphone Soultions App from Google Play

So after making some research we have found out about this site called SmartphoneSoutions.eu where you can buy air conditioners and  such remote controller products are offered.

The home page of the project is available here

It seems to be  pretty Universal because it could be applied to any air conditioning vendor with IP protocol access and it’s completely remote because of Internet usage.

There is an app for Android and iPhone devices which make this solution really cool.

So now we are in the moment where we have installed this solution in our house and it works pretty solid.

The installation was pretty easy so if you are looking for a  solution that helps you control the inside parameters of your air conditioning or any other heating or cooling device this is a really good solution so we can recommend it.

The cost wasn’t big actually because the software is free and you only need to pay someone who knows how to attach those wires and do the electric stuff

If you have a basic knowledge about electricity and electronic devices you can do it by yourself. You will also need some basic knowledge about the router and network computer configuration to setup TCP port forwarding 

With those skills you will be able to make this installation on your own with no additional cost.

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