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Caves and waterfalls in UK

Winter time may not seem ideal for a trip – but there is no bad weather – there are only poor excuses.

Today, a few words about going to the wild areas of Great Britain. We will show you how to visit interesting places safely with your children.

The plan for the trip was simple. Children wanted to see waterfall and visit caves. Thanks to the fact that winter is mild in UK this year we near Cardiff.

We started our trip from Cardiff and first we drove to Port Talbot and went to a nearby National Park and went on a hike. After the hike we drove to the city of Swansea where we took the train to the coastal city of Aberystwyth. We have stayed in Aberystwyth for two nights and we had a great time.

The resort where we have spent nights.

Our first stop in Aberystwyth was a huge park called Aberystwyth Castle. This is a medieval castle and it was built in the 12th century.

At the end of the walk is the 5th century church of St. David and the Melin Llech, a disused watermill that was built in 1788, which is worth a visit in its own right.

Nearby, the little town of Lampeter has a few antiquarian shops, a weekly farmers market and a range of caf├ęs and restaurants.

Parking is available at the top of the gorge. The steep descent is best done in small steps.

Conquer caves and waterfalls

The second day we moved for to main trip to visit caves and see waterfall. Of course we are not professional cavers and we have no equipment to explore the caves but the kids really want to feel the climate of old caves do we have found some.

The Binns Cave

The first cave we went to is called The Binns Cave. It was old and old rocks were covering the cave. It was a bit dark and damp and the kids were not happy but they did not complain.

So we went to main trip to visit waterfall and caves. It was very nice walk and kids were very happy.

Feel the adventure like Indiana Jones

Continuing along the marked trail, we were walking along the slope of the mountain. It was a bit slippery due to earlier rains but we managed.

About halfway to the waterfall we had a stop. A clearing in the forest with a playground for children.
Due to the fact that we found a place without trees, we decided to launch the drone to check what is further, behind the clearing.

There was a prepared clearing with a playground on the trail
We decided that this is the perfect place to launch the drone and see the area from a bird’s eye view

After a moment of rest and eating a meal on the fire in the hearth, we continued towards the waterfall.

It was an interesting experience with our family. We had no problem getting to the waterfall and had a good view which we shared with the older kids at the park.

The goal of our trip – famous waterfall near Cardiff

It was a lovely day with a good view, the sun was just coming out so you see the sunset and also you can see the cave and some of the other things. We were looking forward to our next day of hikes.

The last day in Cardiff has been great and it was good to see the other children, my eldest, is a bit more adventurous. it’s a nice feeling having a little group to help with the big hikes and have all the kids in one spot and not all at one time.


Our last day in Wales is the longest day in Cardiff and the only day where we are not at the bus stops.

There are several things to do at this point of our trip, I will be looking at a number of things before my trip. There are also many activities that can be had at different sites.

View from the bridge

The bridge itself

The park is very nice and clean. It has a good selection of activities at this place, if you have children in the same age group you are more than welcome to stop and do some things here, we have seen children and even the older ones in this park.

One last point before I head to the waterfalls, you do not have to have children or anyone in your group. You can go in and out of the park on the bus and you can walk or do whatever the children do.

The park is open for the kids to enjoy the day and the waterfalls and the views and it’s great to see them doing the activities as we were doing.

This is also a good chance to see the other visitors that have been coming to our site, it’s wonderful to see the other side of life, even if it’s small or you can’t do it, to have the kids and the other visitors doing things as I was.

If there is a lot to say about this site it’s the great weather, the waterfalls are stunning and we are all really lucky to be in such a beautiful place and in such good weather.

It is also worth mentioning that we had very good food served in the hotel restaurant all the time. We attach some photos below. Of course, the children chose pizzas and casseroles as they did during trips. In addition, the staff was very friendly.

The hotel is not far from the centre of the town, the location is good, but we had a hard time finding it. It is a pity that there are no street signs, and the hotel is not in the tourist information centre, so it can be a problem. It was recommended to us by the tourism company we used to make the reservation. The staff of the hotel was very helpful, and we highly recommend this hotel.

Pizza after reaching the waterfall
Sandwich with mushrooms and cheese baked in the oven

It is an adventure for sure, with the best of intentions and lots of planning. If you have a lot of kids you would probably be better off leaving the rest of the day at the bus stop at the entrance but if your only child or two are not in your party then you can definitely make the day as enjoyable as possible with the rest being spent outside on the river, you will be happy with the quality of the activities at the waterfalls and the beautiful scenery.

Please don’t be afraid to let us know if you like this site as you will probably get some comments from us as well as the other sites that have been visited so please leave us some comments when you come here, it would be nice if you would comment and let us know if you enjoyed this.

As I said above, we are all really lucky to be here and to have spent so many hours out here. Stay safe and see you next time.

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  1. Great photos and the article at all. I am impressed with your journey !! Thanks for sharing your experiences, stories and tips. Its the first time I have seen a website like yours, which I think really has a real human touch! Great photos and the article at all. I am impressed with your journey!!! I’m not trying to say that there are not women out there. I think that there are, but they don’t show.

    You just find them in your own path, by chance, or by looking for something new. My mom is in my heart and soul, because she is my best friend.

    I would never be without her, but I know that her time is going to be soon. God is taking her, as we say in Portuguese. She lives in a town with 500.000, so it is very easy for her to get the treatment that she needs. I need not to be afraid of taking her to the states to help her.

    I would like to say that I don’t intend to offend the people who are not out there, or at least not to have offended them in the last few years. I think I am too old to be called “troll” in here, but there was a time when I was considered as such.

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