Welcome to United Kingdom home ideas blog

Welcome to Home Ideas

We are so happy you visit us. On our blog you will find a bunch of inspirations and our lifestyle – current and historical.

Who we are?

We are a family from the United Kingdom. We live in a home with a garden in East Midlands area.

At this time our crazy family consists of four people.

Wife is the main creator of the interior and the surrounding around our home. The ideas and inspirations that you will find here are mostly her own work. She provides an uninterrupted stream of new ideas for changes in our home, as well as responsible for their implementation.
In turn, the husband – is the originator of all weird new hobbies and activities that we carry out with children.

He is learning to play new instruments like piano, keyboard, guitars and drums. He also organize offroad trips and international holidays. He is also responsible for all the technical stuff connected with our blog and YouTube Channel.
Our children are two boys aged 12 and 7.

Why we started this blog as a family ?

Well, we wanted to create a place for ideas exchange and our family story-line. All stuff that you find here is real – not “colorized” or created by story-teller.

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