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Air conditioning at home – pros and cons

Is it worth installing air conditioning for your home?
There are places in the world where the climate is so annoying that it is difficult to imagine living in a house without an air conditioner, of course, it is possible when for many years before this wonderful invention was introduced to everyday use, we had to deal with fans and fans, etc.

However, in a moderate climate such as the United Kingdom Does air conditioning seem to be an unnecessary expense and some luxury in most of Europe

In recent years, due to competition mainly from the Far East, the price of air conditioners and the demand for these services has risen sharply

For several years, living in the house did not have an air conditioner and we did not plan to set it up

Why and when you should mount an air conditioner at all, and is it healthy?

For most people, air conditioning is associated with cooling on hot days, but the use of air conditioning is much more
In addition to the basic function of transporting excess warm air outside, the air conditioner is able to heat the house in times when the central heating is not yet working.

The air conditioner also provides very high air circulation so in homes where there is a lot of moisture and there is no natural ventilation or it is inefficient, the air conditioner saves us the situation.

Air conditioner as a tool to fight moisture
The very basic principle of operation of the air conditioner causes it to dry rooms naturally some air conditioners are equipped with a special drying function that controls the compressor in such a way that as much condensation is removed outside.

Gree 5000 Watt Outdoor AC Unit before mounting on the wall

The air conditioner therefore helps reduce the humidity inside the house especially in autumn and early spring when the central heating is not working and the relative humidity outside is quite high

 Is the air conditioning healthy?

Of course, we had a lot of concerns about this when using the air conditioner will not affect our health.
You often hear about throat infections caused by excessive use of air conditioning because the temperature shock and throat mucous membranes on the neck cause that bacteria can be produced there.
The air conditioner as a device that transports air and is equipped with a filter must also be regularly serviced and from fungi because the ventilation ducts may form harmful spores of mold.

Microorganisms that develop in air conditioning ducts can cause allergies and other health problems related to breathing, which is why it is so important to take care of regular inspections and fumigation of air conditioning with special biocides.

Indoor unit – attic mounting

We did a lot of research on the pros and cons of air conditioning installation and eventually decided to buy and install such a device.

 Of course, we have health issues in mind and use it within reasonable limits
When using the air conditioner for cooling, it is considered safe for health to reduce the temperature not less than 7 degrees in relation to the temperature outside.

For example, if it is 35 degrees Celsius outside, we should set the air conditioner to a minimum of 28.

Going below the temperature causes that leaving the room entering the air-conditioned room we are exposed to temperature shock and thus throat infections, which we mentioned earlier

Our air conditioner has already been installed and underneath we present some photos from the assembly approaching hot weather.

In a while we will come back to this topic and tell our impressions from using the air conditioner.

After installation – outdoor / external unit
Condensate of the air conditioner is discharged directly to the gutter

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