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Pollen allergies in a child – the solution

How to get rid of allergies in a child?

It all started when my son started kindergarten. Every morning he woke up with a runny nose and he was sneezing all the time.

After some time, we noticed that our son had poor hearing.

A quick visit to the ENT doctor, who recommended that you breathe sea water into your nose every hour, then blow your nose and do exercises. But how to convince a four-year-old kind to do so?

Once or twice a day, maybe it would work. As long as we skipped nasal cleaning, the usual runny nose turned into bronchitis and a constant cough. And so it lasted all year, it was a little easier on vacation, there was less dust and of course less contact with peers.

When October started and some of the tree pollen was disappearing, the mowing of the grasses began the heating season, which was probably even worse.

The crossbow floating in the house and the son is also allergic to it, caused various infections to develop even faster.

I tried various methods, I threw almost all the plush toys from my son’s room, I bought a short-pile rug, I often dusted the dust, vacuumed the floor, and washed the floors. The effects were average.

Does the mite repellent work?

I found information on a blog that the device for mites works. The device was to emit ultrasound, inaudible to humans, and its purpose was to scare away mites feeding at night.

Miteless ultrasonic device for mite repellent

Of course, I bought this ultrasonic invention. You could say that there was some effect. The son was ill much less often, but in the morning he still woke up with a runny nose.

It’s hard for us to say if the device works, it turned out that mites were not the cause of our problems.

Is desensitization really necessary to eliminate allergies in a child?

My last resort, of course, was to visit an allergist, do tests for what exactly my son is allergic to and start desensitizing. However, my husband and I were very skeptical about this.

Such treatment, of course, involves taking various medications, which of course have their side effects, such as gaining weight.

The next school year was about to start, my son was about to go to the first grade and if it wasn’t for my conversation with my friend, we would probably end up with an allergist.

Sylvia has had a renovation at home for a long time, the crossbow lasted almost all the time and she was struggling with a troublesome runny nose that prevented her normal functioning. Her husband bought her a purifier from an unknown company, Daikin.

Daikin MC70L Air Purifier installed in the in the children’s room

The runny nose disappeared and I decided to try. I was desperate but also skeptical about all devices.

We bought the air purifier in August, my son wakes up without a runny nose and recently he had an infection only once. He was going very gently and quickly. Even though the heating season has started, we have no problems with sneezing and running nose.

Daikin MC70L Air Purifier remote control

We usually use this device in anti-allergy mode (anti-pollen button) .

It is enabled 24 hours a day – it also works at night.

If it disturbs you during sleep, you can switch it to night mode in which the fans work at the lowest level.

Our child, however, is not disturbed by its noise and says that he prefers to fall asleep with the device on anyway.

An air purifier in a children’s room is a very good solution to prevent pollen allergy

How often the filters in the air purifier should be replaced

Air purifiers are equipped with anti-allergic filters which, of course, require replacement over time, the change is very simple and we presented it in this tutorial video.

The pleated filter must be replaced with a new one – the used one is dark and the new one is light

However, the sent replacement is made depending on the dustiness from about 3 to 4 weeks.

If you neglect to clean the device and replace the pleated filters, the device will not work effectively.

A dirty prefilter requires cleaning

Where to buy air-purifier on-line?

If you look for on-line shop with air-purifiers you can check this site.

Our model MC70L cost about 440 GBP but for sure you will find some cheaper if you need.

You can also check some reviews there, compare parameters and choose the model that is right for you.

We remind you that neither this nor any other articles on our blog – are NOT sponsored. Nobody paid us a dime to promote this device or any other.


We just want to help parents who are struggling with pollen allergy, it helped us, we are happy about it and we want to share a solution with you.

Maybe before you start giving your child desensitizing drugs, it is worth checking out such a simple, non-invasive and safe method for everyone.

most likely other similar devices from other manufacturers work similarly and equally effectively. We chose this model because it remained recommended to us after numerous publications on the Internet and conducted research.

If you have this or other devices – share your experiences with us.

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