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Visiting nature reserve

Autumn is the best time to visit the nature reserve with the whole family.

Due to the COVID pandemic and the closure of most attractions for children and tourists, we decided to go to a secret place – rarely visited by tourists.

Last weekend we went on a trip to the reserve. The vegetation there is under strict protection. In order to protect the natural peat and marsh environment – part of the route runs through specially prepared footbridges – so as not to walk over these unique specimens of nature.

Road leading to the marsh reserve.

In the reserve, on the causeway separating the ponds in the reserve, single grass snarls and viviparous lizards were seen during four observation cycles. Sparse moor frogs and the choral voices of green frogs were heard from the adjacent rushes.

The natural reservoir in the bog is full of interesting species of animals and plants

In the remaining monitoring stations in the vicinity of the water reservoir, single gray toads were recorded, which were also identified on the basis of listening tests. In addition, the mating calls of marsh and green frogs were heard. In addition, single moor frogs, earth burbots and sand lizards were observed. With a view of the river, the surrounding mountains and valleys are well camouflaged.

A beautiful view of the mountain peaks, the waterfalls on both sides and the lush forest are a delight to enjoy.

Old forest in the reserve

In the river bed, birds were frequently heard. Birds were heard at various intervals, but in the most northerly direction. Birds were heard when the river was dry and in quiet conditions.

The river is also very shallow and often very muddy, so birds are not always seen. Birds were heard, though, at other times and locations.

The lake is often full of large fish (mostly prawns, grouper and scallops) and occasionally fish of smaller size. In the summer, many fish have their eyes closed and will appear to swim in the stream. However, in the evening when the river floods, the fish will float into the channel and look at people walking on the water.

Moss covered most of the wilderness of the reserve

Birds in the reserve are not usually seen, so there’s not much they can do. They are often able to hear birds that are out in the stream, or if you walk into the stream they’re probably listening to you too.


Traveling to such places allows you to calm down and interact with nature in a harmonious way. We recommend this form of spending time with children.

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