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Digital piano for family

Piano at home?

Is it worth buying a piano for the home?

In today’s post, we will consider buying a piano for the home.

Piano at home could be used as an instrument to be used for learning and entertainment and generally for spending time with family.

We believe that even if you are not from a family with musical traditions and you do not associate your future with music in a professional sense – you should consider buying a piano at home.

Having this instrument at home has many advantages – among others, it will help in the development of your children and perfectly integrate the family.

Why is it worth having a piano in your living room?

The piano is an instrument with a dynamic learning curve. This means that virtually every household member can learn simple songs or a few chords and play them while singing together.

You do not need a great talent or years of learning to achieve the first results. Piano and other keyboards are much easier to start learning to play than, for example, guitar, ukulele, violin and so on.
Due to the fact that we will obtain positive effects fairly quickly – children are not discouraged as quickly as in the case of other instruments.

The piano is a very universal instrument because the range of tones it generates is very wide. We can get very bass lines up to high medical accompaniments. It allows arranging many popular songs and melodies for both beginners and advanced.

Most composers who write songs or compose music of different genres created their first seeds just on the piano or the piano. This is due to the fact that the instrument has a large tonal range and the possibility of using it both as a rhythmic and melodic instrument.

Scientific research has proved that the use of musical instruments, including learning to play them, perfectly develops both cerebral hemispheres, both the one responsible for abstract thinking and exact sciences, as well as the more humanistic.

Another advantage of the piano is that it is an instrument that can be played by two people at the same time. So it’s a great way to spend time with your children. When one of the parents already knows the basics of playing the piano, he can encourage a child to simply play the bass line together, where it is enough to press a few sounds in a simple pattern.

Which piano should you choose for the start?

Our digital piano at living-room

Nowadays, modern digital pianos have very good value for money. In the olden days, when only acoustic pianos were available, it was a very exclusive equipment that only rich rich aristocratic families could afford.

Today, virtually anyone can buy a digital piano of excellent quality, which does not differ significantly in appearance and sound from an acoustic piano, but has several interesting advantages.

We strongly advise against buying an acoustic piano as the first instrument because it is a very large expense requiring professional tuning and maintenance, and it may turn out that uninterested children will want to use it. Then we will have a problem with its possible sale.

Digital pianos do not require tuning and are ready to play after folding.
We recommend digital pianos for learning recognized brands such as Yamaha, Roland, Casio, Korg and Kawai. The prices of decent digital pianos start below £ 1,000 – about 750 GBP.

In addition, the Digital Piano usually has a Bluetooth MIDI or MIDI connection via a USB cable. Thanks to this, it can be connected to a tablet or smartphone with a game learning application.

Soon we will post more entries about our piano together with photo and video coverage of the joint game.

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