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Turkish coffee

How to make a good coffee at home?

I usually drink a large Turkish coffee in the morning with some milk. We do not have a grinder, so we buy already ground coffee beans.

I am aware that coffee ground in the factory loses its aroma, which is released immediately after grinding.

For this reason, we are considering buying a coffee grinder or a completely new espresso machine.

As I wrote in the morning I like to drink a long coffee, and in the afternoon – in the office or cafe, I usually choose Americano or espresso.

If you want to prepare a good coffee you need a good espresso maker (this is one of the things I love about this world) a high quality espresso drinker (I like to drink espresso with cream and sugar – which are not available from the factory) and a lot of time to become expert in coffee brewing.

Furthermore, if you are pro and want ot use the coffee grinder, you should also be doing the grinding, because you cannot use a hand grinder, or a single-piece espresso machine to grind.

Moka Pot or coffee machine?

Moka Pot is a cheap alternative to coffee machine

Well, this is always a dilemma – which type of coffee preparation will be better in everyday home use?

I wonder about the disadvantages of the advantages of automatic coffee machines equipped with grinders. Great coffee experts recommend portafilter coffee machines and dedicated ceramic grinders.

I set out to collect all the advantages and disadvantages of both solutions in order to perhaps help someone make the right choice.

Coffee makers with a built-in grinder are a good choice when their machine is only intended for brewing or roasting. The main advantage would be the convenience of having a coffee machine in your kitchen to prepare for a meal or a long evening with a cup of coffee.

The disadvantages? There can be some coffee spills from a coffee grinder when it gets dirty, and cleaning the machine before you use it could damage the coffee in your hand.

I’ve found a lot of useful information about coffee preparation in this article about moka pots and percolators.

Moreover, a good grind means as usual good cup of coffee (if you are not drinking the same coffee with milk, your cup is not going to be strong, so that is more important for a healthy cup of coffee)

Moreover, the most important thing is that you should have the right equipment.

If we talk about coffee equipment – especially grinders where is also a lot of interesting tips on this page.

Furthermore, thera are not olny technical stuff but a question for all users but also a great social and psychological matters with coffee itself.

We not always need to explain how to use the equipment and how it works, but we can explain how to prepare and prepare a good cup of coffee.

Moreover, I in the future will also tell you about the best way to prepare a good cup of coffee and what we will decide in the matter of new equipment for our house.

I want also to explain the best way to prepare a good cup of espresso not only at home but also in work office.
Moreover, I want to tell you who is the best guy at espresso drinks.

In our office, I have already prepared a lot of coffee and my colleagues really love it – so stay tuned – soon we will post more.

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